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Porch Therapy//99 MKT
provides inspired plantings and floral as well as gifts for the home and embellishments for the celebrations. Honoring nature and all of it's curiosities , we feature local craft, materials, re-purposed items, and art for the home, garden and parties.

​                  West Elm Living Wall 

        This installation consists of 8 individual crate    systems.  Each  crate measures 17"h x 14"w x 6"  deep.  This system is designed to  be used with 4" potted plants. 

         Leave the plant in the pot, there  is no planting required!  The  plants wick up water through the holes in  the bottom of the pots.  

    Slowly pour 3 cups of water  between the pots in the top row  and  the system will carry the water to each and every plant.  That's  all!

    Most plants require water only every 7 to 10 days.

    For outside use remove stopper from bottom  tray, so excess water  drains properly.

    If a plant is looking poor there is no need to  disturb the rest, just  pop it out!  Simple!

                       Individual Crate System is $95
                         Plants sold separately.​